girl with a skateboard sitting on the beach
girl with a skateboard standing on the beach

Make more money

Works with all other monetization methods on your site -- use this on top of your current solution(s) to make even more!

Wordpress Plugin Available

Easy installation for Wordpress users!
(Note: does not work with hosted sites)Why?

Full control over your PLEENQs

You can enable/disable any PLEENQs that show up on your site at any time. You can also customize how the functionality works (hover, click, etc.) specific to the experience you want for your audience.

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You might own a blog, content aggregator, forum, or news site, and the images taking up 40% of your page space are making you exactly $0. Make your images interactive by installing our plugin!

Installing the plugin is as simple as including it in your site's HTML. During the onboarding process, we will walk you through exactly how to do this. You can also use a tag manager or our Wordpress plugin.
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Once the plugin is installed, your images will start linking to the content within them. When a user clicks on the link, you'll make a percentage of any of their purchases!

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General Questions
PLEENQ is a plugin that you install on your website which converts static images into hoverable, interactive content. Users can click on any of the items within the images to be taken to where they can buy them. You can also use these links as content for your site, linking to Wikpedia, IMDB, etc.
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Yes! After you sign up, you will immediately be able to install the plugin on your website, and begin creating PLEENQs.
When a user clicks on a PLEENQ that represents a purchasable product, they're redirected using an affiliate link.
Each company/program we work with has a different commissioning structure, so the short answer is "it depends". During our beta period, however, whatever money you generate, you keep. Typically we're seeing a 2-4% conversion rate (purchases) from clicks, and a 2% CTR (click-through rate), so you can use that based on your traffic to determine how much you would make.
For the most part, yes. That's because affiliate links are associated with the concept of trying to draw your attention and get you to click on them, in the hopes of playing a numbers game in getting a percentage of people who click to make a purchase. PLEENQ is different in that we only link directly to relevant content, and don't use things to deliberately attract your attention in order to get your click. Our goal is to create an environment where purchases occur because a user is finding the service more efficient to use than the current paths to find what they're interested in purchasing.
The owner of the website is responsible for creating the links. We have a team who will help ensure you create high quality (well drawn, links to relevant content) links, to make sure you get the best out of using PLEENQ.
See the image here to see how easy it is to install.
You have full control of the PLEENQs made on your site. You can disable PLEENQs on a PLEENQ-by-PLEENQ basis, so if there three PLEENQs on an image, you could disable one and leave the other two.
There's current a limit of 100 objects in an image, but that can be raised on a site-by-site basis.
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